Take the 21 Day OptimaLiving Challenge

WELCOME!  Begin the 21 Day Challenge by following three important steps outlined below – Complete the challenge and get a free 60-minute OptimaLiving session with Daniel Davis.

Ready to Begin?

The OptimaLiving Challenge is a tool specifically designed to help you feel better and discover greater meaning and purpose in your life in just 21 Days. Start today with three simple steps:

  • First: Awaken to the importance and value of your Soul.
  • Second: Discover how you can experience greater joy and life satisfaction through the use of a journal and willingness to declare what you most value and desire in your life.
  • Third: Cultivate the ancient art of sacred listening!

Start today by signing up and receive in-depth instructions for each step and three weekly progress emails from Daniel Davis. At the end of 21 days you will have the opportunity to schedule a free 60-minute OptimaLiving session.