OptimaLiving empowers you to pursue peace, joy and passion regardless of the obstacles.

Founded by Daniel Davis, M.Div., LPC, OptimaLiving focuses on empowering individuals to pursue optimal health with or without medications.  Through the healing power of  unrecognized strengths, cultivation of inner resources and opening to one’s unique essence residing under the surface, students of OptimaLiving discover untapped energy and enthusiasm for life.

About OptimaLiving and Founder
Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis
(720) 560-8765

Guided by a seeking spirit and questioning mind, Daniel Davis has the good fortune of experiencing a number of incarnations in one life time. Collegiate basketball coach, prison chaplain, executive director of a foster care agency, psychotherapist  and co-owner of a drug and alcohol behavioral health center have all prepared him for what is now his life purpose: to participate in the evolution of the Soul through the facilitation of helping others discover their unique essence, as it expresses itself in each and every person. He brings 20 years of counseling , teaching and learning from a wide range of human need to his understanding of the human condition.  He knows that all who are willing, can experience healing and wholeness.

Daniel currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with his beautiful wife and four inspiring step-daughters. He understands through the struggles of his own life what it means to go from surviving to thriving; he has a gift of making people or groups feel safe and accepted. He lives by the words of one of his life teachers that “no matter what, people deserve more love not less.” To discover this for yourself call for a free 20 minute consultation.