Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

You and only you can do something now to join the greatest of all adventures -intentionally participate in the evolution of the human soul, on its unending journey into greater ways of being, knowing and loving.

The OptimaLiving Program

Individuals can participate in the OptimaLiving program through private one on one sessions, couples therapy, attend workshops or sign-up for the soon to be available online classes.  Sessions take place at three convenient locations or over the phone. In whatever format you chose, the essential message is the same: you deserve more love not less!  Learn how your perceptual reference points and habitual ways of reacting to these reference points  determines whether life is experienced from a place of empowerment or disempowerment, wholeness or fragmentation, peace or struggle, joy or despair, passion or blah!

Symptoms, such as, anxiety, depression, trauma, anger, “stuckness”, addictions, grief and loss or simple life confusion all serve as beacons to healing and wholeness.

Yes, healing and wholeness! Everything in our experience serves us in some way.  We are suffering because something is wanting to grow and change!  By paying attention to the messenger (pain) we are ushered into deeper, more useful and expanded ways of being alive.   To discover how this works call or email for a free consultation.

OptimaLiving can be broken down into three phases:

Exploration: Learn to heal the struggle taking place within you. We are all filled with varying degrees of shame, doubt, guilt, and blame. These drain our energy and place us in a self-protective stance blocking us from the intimacy, success, and healing we long to experience.
Co-Creation:  We have yet to understand the full power and magnitude of our internal resources.  Self-awareness, decision and meaning-making abilities, internal dialogue and visionary skills, time and space dynamics, to name just a few of the ways we can “learn to live as if life is rigged in our favor.” (Rumi)
Soulfulness: We have an energy source within us that is our essence and holds our uniqueness. It can be called many things, the Soul is the one OptimaLiving uses. In this phase, we learn to listen, follow and serve the dictates of the Soul. As Gary Zukav writes, “We are evolving from a species that pursues external power into a species that pursues authentic power.”  In this phase, we learn how to overcome the myth of separation and live in unity not only with ourselves, but with all of creation!

I invite you to listen to your pain and get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

When we dare to consider and take action on the truth that life doesn’t have to be so hard, we open the door of possibility leading to a future of peace and happiness.   I look forward to hearing from you! Call or email for a free consultation.